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As of mid April 2014, full 4-gen Dosage figures are provided at the SIM pages for
5x lineages, including hypomates, so I thought this SimDosage app was probably no
longer of relevance.

However, you can't easily [ but see HERE and HERE ] hypomate for Dosage in the Sim unless you have already bought the relevant shares !!
So maybe this app still has relevance.

With that in mind, in August 2014 I completed an updated ChefTable and also took a new view on the SireList. Whilst the SireList has not been updated in its number of sires, I have removed all the country tags from the file. If you have used this app then you will realise the significance of this.

Download the latest ChefTable & SireList bundle HERE - then unzip the files and overwrite the previous versions.
The ChefTable is updated at Oct 5th 2015 with new 224th Chef CAPE CROSS.
Do READ the ReadMe file if you haven't already !!!

The forum thread mentioned in the ReadMe may also be useful reading.

Actual Screenshot !!!

You can read the Chef-de-Race article on CAPE CROSS HERE

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